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Holiday Cards :: How it works!

Getting custom Christmas cards from Nonsensical is so simple! Just follow the instructions below to see how it's done.

Through the website, you can fill out the "Design Order Form" which will ask for questions such as what size cards you'd like, how many you need, and if you have any special requests for your card. See the real order form here >>>!design-order-form/c14mp

or hover over "Contact Me" in the menu and select "Design Order Form".

You can e-mail one photo or as many as you'd like (within reason of course :) You can let me know if there's one you want as your main photo, or I can take the reigns in choosing which photos to use where. You can always make changes later in the process! It's best to send the original sized photos (the larger, the better quality) and I can crop and rezise them as I design.

Doing the designs is my absolute favorite part of my job!! I love to give you many options to choose from. I generally design 3-5 different options for you. At this point I will send you a link to a private proofing webpage where you can see all the different design options!

I want you to LOVE your design, so if there's anything at all that you'd like me to tweek or switch around, I don't mind at all! I can change colors, fonts, layout, photos, wording, etc. You can also mix and match the designs if there are things from a couple designs that you'd like to combine into one perfect design.

Printing time varies depending on quanitity and things, but it generally takes 2-3 business days to print. Once they're done I can either ship your cards straight to your home, or you can pick them up from my home in Layton, Utah. :)

It's that simple! Fill out an order form today for your custom holiday cards!

Order form >>!design-order-form/c14mp

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