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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Q: How soon should I start ordering?

A: Lindsay recommends for wedding invitations: Contact me at least 5-6 weeks before your wedding day (If you can contact me sooner than that, please do). Usually a couple will send out their invitations 2 to 3 weeks before their wedding day (Sooner if your guests live out-of-town), and you'll also need time to label/address your envelopes. If you have all of your information (times, dates, addresses, etc.) and photos, and you know how you'd like your invitation to look, the process will go much quicker.


Lindsay recommends for other designs: It's best to contact me about 2-3 weeks before your event/occasion (if you can contact me sooner than that, please do). Usually my clients send out their invitations or announcements 1-2 weeks before the event or occasion. ** It generally takes 1-3 business days to design, 1-3 business days to print (possibly more for large quantities), and 1-3 business days for shipping (if needed).


If you're short on time, we might be able to rush your order, but there may be a rush fee charged.  I also offer digital files for purchase if you'd like to print them on your own.


Q: How long will my designs take to print?


A: It takes about 2 to 5 business days to print large orders (wedding invites). For other invitations, announcements, cards, and posters, print time varies but is generally shorter than for wedding invites (1-4 business days on average depending on the document). *Shipping generally takes 1-3 business days.


Q: Can I order my designs ONLINE?

A: YES! If fact, I encourage it! Many of my clients have lived out of Utah; even out of the country!  We can communicate through e-mail or phone. You can just let me know what you'd like, how you'd like it to look (I can make samples for you to choose from that we can "tweak" if needs be), and I can ship the documents to you! Please note that extra fees such as Shipping & Handling will be applied, as well as a Paypal fee if using a debit or credit card. To get started, fill out a DESIGN ORDER FORM HERE or a  WEDDING INVITE ORDER FORM HERE.


Q: What type of paper are your designs printed on?

A: Most often I print on thick 110 lb, smooth, matte cardstock; it's not flimsy like photo paper, and it looks really professional. Even though this is what I usually print on, their are a variety of different paper choices you can choose from. I'm now offering specialty papers such as pearl, linen, glossy, soft touch, and more!


Q: What information do I need to get started on WEDDING invitations?

A: Everything I'll need for your invitation will be included in the ONLINE ORDER FORM, The order form will ask for information such as wedding date, bride & groom's names, type & size of design, etc. By filling out the order form, it does NOT put you under any type of "contract" to order invitations from Nonsensical Invites. Also, the information is never "set in stone" and can always be changed, until you approve your design(s) for printing. If you choose to have professional photographs on your invite, be sure you have the copyright release to the photos. 


Q: What if my photos haven't been taken yet or if I'm waiting to get them back from my photographer?

A: If your photos aren't ready right away for the ordering process, you might want to wait until you get them back before I start designing your samples. HOWEVER, if your event is coming up quickly, we can still start and do the majority of the design without the photos. When they're ready, you can bring me the CD/disc or you can e-mail them to me. The ideal situation would be to have the photos before I start designing your samples, since the photos can often determine the design. *Remember! If the photo's are done by a professional photographer, be sure to have the copyright release for the photos.


Q: When is the payment due?

A: The total balance is due before your designs can be sent to the printers. For some orders, a nonrefundable deposit may be required during the design process (this deposit will go towards your total; it's not extra).


Q: What is the process of getting my designs created and printed?

A: First, I'll have you provide me with all the information I need for your design (DESIGN ORDER FORM HERE or WEDDING INVITE ORDER FORM HERE). I'll design a few samples for you from the info you've given me, and I'll create a private online proofing webpage for you to see your samples. You will then let me know which design you like, or you can let me know what you like about each sample, and I'll mix and match them to create a design you'll love! I have loads of options for colors, fonts, and graphics. Even after I've designed the samples, you can add or change anything you'd like (a fee may be charged for major design changes after we're deep into the design process). Once you've chosen your final design, you have the option of getting a printed proof for you to see tangibly($5 fee). Please look & read over everything; making sure everything's spelled correctly and that it says what you want it to say (See the "Fine Print" on the prices page). If everything looks good to go, I'll have you pay the balance in full. Once the payment has cleared, I'll get the designs printed and after about 1-5 business days*, I'll let you know they're ready for pick up, or I'll ship them right to your door!

*time varies depending on design


Q: How do I get a price quote?

A: The best way is to fill out a DESIGN ORDER FORM or a WEDDING INVITE ORDER FORM, You can also go the the "Contact" page or leave me an e-mail at Let me know what you're thinking of getting (size, single or double sided, etc,) and how many you'd like. I'll e-mail you back as soon as I can with your quote! Be sure to check out the prices page to see if your price is already posted.


Q: What's the price of envelopes?

A: White, square flap Envelopes are FREE with your order! If you'd like other colors or textures,  Lindsay can place a special order at an additional cost (Prices vary. Ask Lindsay for a price quote). Please note that special order envelopes may take a few extra days to get here. Special Order envelopes only come in increments of 50.


Q: Where is Nonsensical Invitations located?

A: I run my business out of my home in Layton, Utah. If you live close by and would like to pick up your invitations personally to save on time & shipping, I'll give you my address and directions at that time.


Q: How soon should I send out my wedding invitations?

A: On average, most couples send out their wedding invitations 2-3 weeks before their special day (Sooner if your guests live out-of-town or if you're sending out an RSVP prior to the formal invitation). Nonsensical will need AT LEAST 2 weeks (see Q#3) to design and print your invitation, so make sure you don't procrastinate! Also, be sure to take into account the time it takes to stamp & address your envelopes! 


Q: If I find out I need more invitations/cards even though my order has already been printed, is it okay to get more?

A: Yes. You can get more invitations, even after your order has already been printed. However, it's best to get a good final count of how many you need before I take your order to the printers. I cannot guarantee to get the extra invitations to you right away, since other invitations that I'm working on will be top priority. But, it is possible to get more if you really need it!


Q: Why "Nonsensical"?

Just for fun! My favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice and I love the line, "I've been nonsensical!" :)

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